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The Red Sea Mountain Trail is a sustainable tourism initiative built by the Bedouin community and a collective of volunteers from around the world. Videographers, storytellers and consultants who developed other trails around the region offered expertise and connections in building the trail to where it is. Unlike other trails in the Middle East, the Red Sea Mountain Trail was built 100% by volunteers. Going forward, to achieve its goals of creating a tourism industry that supports a community and helps conserve an endangered nomadic heritage, the Red Sea Mountain Trail needs more support. Alongside our work in Hurghada, we hope the trail will be extended into a longer route traversing the length of Egypt's coastline, incorporating more landscapes, reaching more communities and connecting more Bedouin tribes together. The Red Sea Mountain Trail needs support to reach its potential and if you believe in the work we do and feel you have a way to help, please contact us. A few simple ways you can help are outlined below. 

Hike the trail

Hiking helps more than anything. When you hike, the  Bedouin community works. Jobs, opportunities and economic support is created. Endangered skills and knowledge are put back to use. As the trail works, people see the difference it is making and perceive it as an asset to be valued, protected and managed responsibly.


Volunteers helped build the Red Sea Mountain Trail into what it is today. Typically, our volunteers love the mountains, and the Bedouin culture within it. As the trail develops, we will look for volunteers to help with fundraising, promotion and storytelling. We will also be looking for English teachers to help train our guides. 

Spread the word

When the world knows about the Red Sea Mountain Trail, it will grow. Please help us spread the word! Tell your friends, about the trail, like our Facebook page, follow our Instagram and share our posts. After a hike, don't forget to share your pictures, videos and reflections, and to take every chance you can to tell people about our work.  

Make a donation

We have many costs as we develop our trail, and donations help our organisation continue its work. Paths need repairing. Infrastructure needs building. Young guides need training. The Red Sea Mountain Trail needs donations to reach its potential. Please write to us to ask more about our work and the options for financial support. 

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